The efficacy of Pharmaceris preparations is confirmed by the Centre for Science and Research.

Through its team of experts with 30 years of experience in laboratory work for the Centre, including dermatologists, allergists, pharmacists, biologists and molecular biologists, the Centre is able to create modern formulas for Pharmaceris dermocosmetics based on the latest advances in cosmetology and pharmaceutical raw materials of the highest quality. This ensures that our preparations are developed to meet world-class standards and precisely tailored to meet the needs of problem skin.


Pharmaceris preparations are subject to multi-stage and multi-level in vivo tests and rigorous evaluation by dermatologists.

A number of dermocosmetics preparations are also studied in a clinical setting by independent research institutes such as hospitals and clinics – and assessed as safe, effective and highly tolerant. The Centre for Science and Research goes beyond industry requirements as the only Polish and one of the few world centres that conducts its own in vitro and ex vivo research, allowing for research and analysis into the efficacy of active substances using relevant models and human skin cells that are specifically cultivated for this purpose. This ensures that Pharmaceris formulas are thoroughly tested at every stage of their development to ensure the highest level of efficacy and safety.


Latest-generation laboratories produce formulas that are unique on a global scale – formulations that are granted patent protection – using innovative active ingredients and drawing on extensive expert knowledge.

The scientific work of Pharmaceris experts and their access to the latest advances in cosmetology result in numerous publications in internationally recognised and prestigious scientific journals. Over many years, the knowledge and experience of Pharmaceris researchers has been highly valued by the cosmetic sector, as evidenced by numerous invitations to congresses and symposia and requests to carry out joint projects with research centres.